How long does each session take?

Typically, small areas take 15 minutes, medium 

take 30 minutes and large take 45 minutes. 

How long in between treatments?

Approximately 4-8 weeks depending on area. Your

nurse will create a schedule that is customized for you. 

Can I have any sun exposure or spray tan when

getting laser?

Due to the sensitivity of the laser, you are not

allowed to have any sun exposure or spray tan

4 weeks prior and after treatment. This will enhance

the performance of your treatments. 

Can I wax, pluck, bleach between treatments?

We need the root of the growing hair for the laser

to target to stop growth, so only shaving is allowed

while getting treated.

Who does the laser treatments?

A licensed and candela trained nurse performs

all the laser treatments.

Does it hurt?

It stings for a moment- like a rubber band snap. 

How long will it take to see results?

After the first treatment you will see results.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal is a permanent reduction of hair.

Further treatments may be necessary depending on

your skin, hair and preferences. 

Can I get laser if i have a tattoo?

Yes, but around the area of the tattoo.

Can all skin types get treated?

The Candela Gentle Max pro is able to treat all skin types. 

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